Acceptances for the conference have gone out!

For the past few months I have been overseeing the reviewing phase for DH2014. With over 600 submissions, we allocated over 2700 reviews from over 400 different reviewers, culminating in a month long sift-through by the Program Committee as we decided which submissions to accept – and which to sadly reject.

Of the 583 submissions we now have (there were some people who pulled out during the reviewing process, for various reasons) we’re pleased to have accepted
– 8 panels.
– 137 long papers
– 84 short papers
– 120 posters.
This gives an overall acceptance rate of 60%, partly because we accepted more posters this year. The acceptance rates for panels, long papers and short papers in total is just under 50%.

There was quite a lot of bumping up and down going on:
Of the 29 panels: 8 have been accepted as panels, 6 as long papers, 3 as posters, 1 as a workshop, 11 rejected.
Of the 246 long papers: 117 have been accepted as long papers, 13 as short papers, 31 as posters, and 85 rejected.
Of the 197 short papers: 14 have been accepted as long papers, 71 as short, 16 as posters, 96 have been rejected.
Of the 111 posters: 70 were accepted, 41 were rejected.

We’re not quite there yet in whipping the program into shape – the Call for Pre Conference Workshops is still open until February 21st: please do send in your proposals.

It has been a long process to get to this stage – and I’m looking forward to attending DH2014 now. Thanks for all of those who submitted proposals, and in this very competitive year, commiserations to those who were not accepted.



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