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Head of Digital Enhanced Learning, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

A fourth plenary lecture: Bethany Nowviskie

We are delighted to annimagesounce a fourth plenary lecture at DH 2014: Bethany Nowviskie has been chosen by the Program Committee. Congratulations, Bethany!

About Bethany Nowviskie:

Bethany Nowviskie is director of Digital Research & Scholarship, University of Virginia Library;
President of the Association for Computers & the Humanities; Special Advisor to the UVa Provost; and CLIR Distinguished Presidential Fellow.

Digital Cultural Empowerment: some words about the DH2014 topic

The use of digital methods within the arts, humanities and cultural heritage can lead to cultural empowerment for scholars, students and citizens. Through the theme “Digital Cultural Empowerment”, the conference encourages submissions that bridge the gaps between humanities corpora and actual digital practices used to understand, analyse, and share them. This includes digital dissemination of patrimonial content, participatory experiences, environments that improve digital literacy, and research that evaluates the effectiveness of such kind of projects. We also welcome submissions that study the underlying challenges and issues of such cultural empowerment processes, for example the joining of Western and non Western scholarship, or the maintenance of the core-values of the humanities (critical sense, close reading, excellency in details) while articulating them with new opportunities offered by the digital revolution (distant reading, large scale of information data sets, data visualisation).

Melissa Terras, Claire Clivaz and Frédéric Kaplan

Comments? Reactions? It is interesting to look at the diverse translations of our English title in the multilingual call for proposals: the interpretations are quite diverse. Notably the Greek one is very close to our ideas.

Arabic: ألتمكين الرقمي الثقافي; Bulgarian: Дигитално Културно Упълномощаване; Catalan:  Potenciació Cultural Digital; Chinese: 數位文化賦權; English: Digital Cultural Empowerment: French: La montée en puissance de la culture numérique; Friulan: Kültürel Güçlendirme; German: Befähigung und Bewusstheit durch digitale Kultur; Greek: Ψηφιακή Πολιτιστική Ενδυνάμωση; Hebrew: העצמה תרבותית דיגיטלית; Hungarian: A digitális kultúra ereje; Italian; Presa di Coscienza Culturale e Digitale; Japanese: デジタル文化エンパワーメント; Norwegian; title not translated; Persian: توانمند سازی فرهنگی دیجیتال; Polish: Upodmiotowienie Kultury Cyfrowej; Portuguese: title not translated; Romontsch sursilvan: Cumpetenza e qualificaziun ellas scienzas humanas digitalas; Russian; Цифровое культурное применение; Serbian: Дигитално културно оснаживање; Spanish; Empoderamiento cultural digital; Turkish: Kültürel Güçlendirme; Welsh: Ymbweriad Diwylliannol Digidol

Call for Proposals online

Capture d’écran 2013-05-30 à 22.55.35The call for proposals is now online, in the languages provided by Elisabeth Burr and the ADHO–MLMC collaborators: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, Friulan, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, ItalianJapanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romontsch sursilvan, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Welsh

Please note that these translations are provided by a team of volunteers DH’ers! Thanky a lot to all of them for this great collective work.

The Conftool to enroll will be ready in about three weeks.

Ray Siemens, Zampolli award keynote speaker at DH2014

Ray for Ring.ca_At the closing session of the DH2013, on the 19th of July 2013, the 2014 Zampolli award was announced: Ray Siemens will receive the award at DH2014 in Lausanne, delivering a keynote lecture on Wednesday 9th of July 2014, at the Amphimax 350 (Unil). Congratulations to our esteemed colleague!

Ray Siemens is Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, in English with cross appointment in Computer Science.