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Head of Digital Enhanced Learning, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

#dh2014 proceedings published in DSH : 18 articles

All the #dh2014 editorial team is proud to announce the publication of 18 articles of DH2014 in Digital Scholarship in Humanities! Thank you a lot to Edward Van Outte for his support! We are proud to be the first DH meeting proceedings published in the renamed journal, Digital Scholarship in Humanities.

About other #dh2014 articles published  elsewhere: please announce yourself to [email protected]: the references will be transmitted to the Communication Commission of ADHO.

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It’s over!

Dear participants to the DH2014,

As local co-organizors of the DH2014, we express our huge gratitude to all of you for these wounderful days we have shared in Lausanne.

Thank you to Melissa Terras, our amazing PC Chair, and to ADHO and all the DH associations.

Thank you to Kevin Baumer for his uncredible involvement in this adventure, as well as to all our teams.

Thank you to our institutions, the University of Lausanne and the EPFL, that supported this event so much, as well as to all our sponsors and partners.

See you in Sydney 29 June – 3 July 2015: http://dh2015.org/

Claire Clivaz and Frédéric Kaplan

Conference Code of Conduct

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is dedicated to creating a safe, respectful, and collegial conference environment for the benefit of everyone who attends, and for the advancement of research and scholarship in fields supported by our constituent organizations. The ADHO Digital Humanities conference Code of Conduct is available here.

DH2014: 8th of January, closing date and time of the rebuttal period

This post is a reminder to all the researchers who have submitted a proposal (long paper, short paper, panel, poster) to the DH2014: the rebuttal period will close on the

8th of January, 11.59pm GMT

Researchers have until this date to submit comments and reactions about the reviewing of their proposals.

Stay tuned on our website: we will announce the opening of the submission period for the workshop and tutorial proposals, that will close on the 21st of February.

From all the DH2014 team: HAPPY NEW YEAR… and see you in July in Lausanne!

DH2014 fees

Conference and housing registration for DH2014 will be ready next year. Here are the fees in Swiss francs.

  • ADHO and affiliated organisations member (early bird**): 300 CHF
  • ADHO and affiliated organisations member:   375 CHF
  • Non-member: 550 CHF
  • ADHO and affiliated organisations student: 100 CHF
  • Student non-member: 225 CHF
  • Unil and EPFL member: 150 CHF
  • Unil and EPFL student: 80 CHF

**Early bird rates will be available until the 1st of April 2014.

Digital Cultural Empowerment Now Available in 23 Languages

This blog applauds the special efforts of the MLMC committee, its chair Elisabeth Burr, and all the volunteers who translated the DH2014 call for proposals in 23 languages. It is the first time that so many languages have been supported at the proposal level, featuring many non-Western languages and other languages spoken by only small populations, such as the Romontsch sursilvan, one of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland.

We are very grateful for this “inverted and postive Babel” which makes us sensitive to the possibilities offered by digital culture: to build bridges between various people and to make visible cultures usually considered as minor in canonical historical Western print and academic culture.

Arabic: ألتمكين الرقمي الثقافي; Bulgarian: Дигитално Културно Упълномощаване; Catalan:  Potenciació Cultural Digital; Chinese: 數位文化賦權; English: Digital Cultural Empowerment; French: La montée en puissance de la culture numérique; Friulan: Kültürel Güçlendirme; German: Befähigung und Bewusstheit durch digitale Kultur; Greek: Ψηφιακή Πολιτιστική Ενδυνάμωση; Hebrew: העצמה תרבותית דיגיטלית; Hungarian: A digitális kultúra ereje; Italian; Presa di Coscienza Culturale e Digitale; Japanese: デジタル文化エンパワーメント; Norwegian; title not translated; Persian: توانمند سازی فرهنگی دیجیتال; Polish: Upodmiotowienie Kultury Cyfrowej; Portuguese: title not translated; Romontsch sursilvan: Cumpetenza e qualificaziun ellas scienzas humanas digitalas; Russian; Цифровое культурное применение; Serbian: Дигитално културно оснаживање; Spanish; Empoderamiento cultural digital; Turkish: Kültürel Güçlendirme; Welsh: Ymbweriad Diwylliannol Digidol