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  1. dear organizers,

    I am in the course of organizing a panel, but there is one point not clear to me and my colleagues, if we choose to set up a panel for about 4 to 6 presentations:
    – is it a problem if the contributors more or less come from the same universities/group of collaborators, if we make sure that the content of the papers represents the diversity of a topic?
    – if we choose the 4 to 6 short papers option, is it correct that you then have to limit yourself to short descriptions of the various contributions in one single 500 to 750 words abstract, or do we, just as with long papers, have to describe each contribution in an abstract of 500 words? The description in the guidelines is not entirely clear on this point.
    Would appreciate some feedback on short notice, as we have little time left,
    best regards,

    Stef Scagliola from Erasmus University Rotterdam

    • Hi there, I’m not if you have already received a reply. I just saw your question and noticed that the call for paper clarifies what the organizers expect:

      Panel organizers should submit an abstract of 750 to 1500 words describing the panel topic, how it will be organized, the names of all the speakers, and an indication that each speaker is willing to participate in the session. Paper session organizers should submit a statement of approximately 500 words describing the session topic, include abstracts of 750 to 1500 words for each paper, and indicate that each author is willing to participate in the session.

  2. Hello, I’m from Brazil and I’m sending my text in Portuguese (my native language), for the short time I knew about this event and due to the end of enrollment, did not have time to prepare a text in English. I would like to confirm if I can work propro Portuguese language? Otherwise I can do a quick text in English, but it may have flaws, because I will not have to revise as necessary the time. I await guidance.

    • Hello, I just saw your question and it seems to have been addressed in the call for proposals.

      Artigos e posters podem ser apresentados em Inglês, Francês, Alemão, Italiano ou Espanhol.

      Hope this helps.

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