DH2014 Registration – Payment Issue

We have been made aware that there is a security issue preventing those living in certain countries, notably the USA and Australia, from being able to pay their conference fees via the registration site (we’re using Datatrans with 3-D Secure).

If you encounter this problem, please contact our Lorraine Greuter at Lausanne Tourism directly:

[email protected]

All of those dealing with this issue and contacting Lausanne Tourism before the early registration deadline will still receive the more attractive rate.

** CERN Visit – Fully Booked **

Due to very high demand, including a large number of early registrations over the past two days, we unfortunately must inform you that the CERN visit is now fully booked.

The good news is that there are still two great options available for those of you looking for a guided activity on Saturday, July 12th. The first is a full-day trip to Gruyère and the second a half day (morning) guided tour of the historic city of Lausanne. Living in Lausanne myself, I can attest to the beauty of the old town, with all of its cafés and shops. If you are looking for something out of a postcard, complete with alpine meadows and real Swiss cows, then Gruyère is the place for you. There will even be free Cailler chocolate samples to sweeten the deal (so to speak).

On the evening of Wednesday, July 9th, you also have the option of attending a boat cruise on lake Geneva. This short trip offers excellent views of the terraced vineyards on the lakeside next to Lausanne. The region is called Lavaux, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Information on Bursaries

A call for bursaries has now been posted:


If you are interested in applying, please follow the instructions provided via the link above. Please take good note that the application deadline for bursaries is March 15, 2014.

The bursary awards are to encourage new contributions to scholarship in the digital humanities from our diverse global constituency and to involve new participants in the application of information technology in humanities research. As we continue to grow our organizations in terms of scope, numbers, and geographic dispersion the bursaries are critically important in making it doable for young scholars to meet up with colleagues, young and old, and to get feedback on their work. We will therefore encourage anyone who is able to support the bursaries financially, with any amount, to get in touch with ADHO’s Treasurer, Jarom McDonald, at the email address: [email protected]

Acceptances for the conference have gone out!

For the past few months I have been overseeing the reviewing phase for DH2014. With over 600 submissions, we allocated over 2700 reviews from over 400 different reviewers, culminating in a month long sift-through by the Program Committee as we decided which submissions to accept – and which to sadly reject.

Of the 583 submissions we now have (there were some people who pulled out during the reviewing process, for various reasons) we’re pleased to have accepted

– 8 panels.

– 137 long papers

– 84 short papers

– 120 posters.

This gives an overall acceptance rate of 60%, partly because we accepted more posters this year. The acceptance rates for panels, long papers and short papers in total is just under 50%.

There was quite a lot of bumping up and down going on:

Of the 29 panels: 8 have been accepted as panels, 6 as long papers, 3 as posters, 1 as a workshop, 11 rejected.

Of the 246 long papers: 117 have been accepted as long papers, 13 as short papers, 31 as posters, and 85 rejected.

Of the 197 short papers: 14 have been accepted as long papers, 71 as short, 16 as posters, 96 have been rejected.

Of the 111 posters: 70 were accepted, 41 were rejected.

We’re not quite there yet in whipping the program into shape – the Call for Pre Conference Workshops is still open until February 21st: please do send in your proposals.

It has been a long process to get to this stage – and I’m looking forward to attending DH2014 now. Thanks for all of those who submitted proposals, and in this very competitive year, commiserations to those who were not accepted.



Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials

We are currently accepting proposals for pre-conference workshops, so please feel welcome to submit yours. The details can be found here in the call for papers.

Workshop and pre-conference tutorial proposals are due at midnight GMT on 21st February 2014, with notice of acceptance by 17th March 2014. We particularly welcome submissions on interdisciplinary work and new developments in the field, and encourage proposals relating to the theme of the conference: Digital Cultural Empowerment.

Conference Code of Conduct

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is dedicated to creating a safe, respectful, and collegial conference environment for the benefit of everyone who attends, and for the advancement of research and scholarship in fields supported by our constituent organizations. The ADHO Digital Humanities conference Code of Conduct is available here.

DH2014: 8th of January, closing date and time of the rebuttal period

This post is a reminder to all the researchers who have submitted a proposal (long paper, short paper, panel, poster) to the DH2014: the rebuttal period will close on the

8th of January, 11.59pm GMT

Researchers have until this date to submit comments and reactions about the reviewing of their proposals.

Stay tuned on our website: we will announce the opening of the submission period for the workshop and tutorial proposals, that will close on the 21st of February.

From all the DH2014 team: HAPPY NEW YEAR… and see you in July in Lausanne!

DH2014 fees

Conference and housing registration for DH2014 will be ready next year. Here are the fees in Swiss francs.

  • ADHO and affiliated organisations member (early bird**): 300 CHF
  • ADHO and affiliated organisations member:   375 CHF
  • Non-member: 550 CHF
  • ADHO and affiliated organisations student: 100 CHF
  • Student non-member: 225 CHF
  • Unil and EPFL member: 150 CHF
  • Unil and EPFL student: 80 CHF

**Early bird rates will be available until the 1st of April 2014.

Results of the Submissions Phase – Phew!

The call for papers for DH2014 closed at midnight on the the 1st November, last Friday. As Program Chair I was on the end of most of the emails generated by that process, and the submission phase was quite something to behold. 24 hours before the deadline, we had had 207 submissions for the conference, but in the last few hours, proposals for papers, posters, and panels poured in, resulting in a record 589 submissions in total, comprising of 250 long papers, 198 short papers, 30 panels, and 111 posters. This is more than 200 more submissions than we had for DH2013, last year, and so our review phase is now cut out for us to ensure that all the submissions get detailed comments. We’re also working hard behind the scenes to scope out the conference schedule: at present, it looks like the acceptance rate is going to be around 30%, but we are trying to book a few more rooms, and change sessions around, to allow some more presentations to happen.

This year, we asked for your help in using DHWriter to prepare submissions. In the past, its taken the local hosts months to turn the many varied formats submitted to DH into lovely TEI compliant XML, for the website and for the conference book of abstracts. The local hosts here in Lausanne built DHWriter to try and encourage people to use a set format, and we are pleased to say that a lot of those submitting to the conference tried: DHWriter garnered 410 registrated users, and resulted in 508 documents being created with 195 Review PDFs submitted to Conftool (1/3 of the total papers in this common format). It’s a start – and we will be working on this, too, to encourage those who are accepted to the conference to format their abstracts in a way which creates less work for us.

It was a real privilege, but also incredibly hard work – to keep on top of the volume of admissions this year, especially in the last minute rush. Bethany Nowviskie, last year’s PC chair, tweeted “It was like that last year, too! I was imagining a Star Trek Scotty in the bowels of ConfTool: “Captain, she cannae take it!” – but Conftool held up to the strain. People often dont realise that when they send that email, or make that remark on Conftool that a real human will read it somewhere, which was the cause of some amusement. My favourite comment left on the system with a paper? “Well, today is my birthday – please forgive errors in style and orthography. I had some Champagne with friends before submitting this :-)”

We’re now congratulating ourselves over at DH2014 towers at the end of a successful submissions phase. Please forgive errors in style and orthography… we’re taking a brief pause to celebrate before beginning the mammoth task ahead, to peer review all those submissions fairly. The review process proper kicks off next week, and results of acceptance will be posted out to authors around the 7th February (there will be a period of rebuttals to reviewers comments from the 18th December). Thanks to those of you who submitted to DH2014, and we’ll keep you posted with progress!