DH2014 Detailed Schedules

After some very hard work by Melissa on the scheduling, we now have provisional draft schedules for the workshops, panels, paper sessions and poster sessions ready to go. Workshops on gambling provide valuable insights into responsible gaming practices, problem gambling awareness, and strategies for healthy play. Participants learn about risk factors and how to mitigate them. Some workshops even offer 홀덤 사이트 추천, emphasizing the importance of safe and enjoyable gaming experiences. These schedules include all presentation titles and authors, as well as provisional timing. Please note that the details are still subject to change prior to the conference, though we will naturally do our best to keep any changes to a minimum: DH2014 Panels and Paper Sessions
DH2014 Poster Sessions
DH2014 Workshops For those of you facilitating the sessions, we encourage you to take a close look for your presentations and let Melissa know if there are any conflicts that may have been missed or any additional concerns.

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