DH2014 – First Two Days – Travel and Food

As many of you will be arriving on campus both tomorrow and on Tuesday for workshops and meetings, we thought it best to put a couple of things front and center in this blog post:

1. Getting to Lausanne and to EPFL

All of the information you will need to help guide you to the campus via public transportation can be found here. In addition, the exact schedule for Monday morning’s trains, including track numbers and detailed travel times, can be found by clicking here.

Finding the registration desk at the Swiss Tech is extremely easy, as you will just need to enter via the large main entrance on the upper level (can’t miss it).

2. Breaks and Lunches

During the first two days at the Swiss Tech Convention Center (STCC), July 7th and 8th, a water station will be at your disposal throughout both days, located just outside the of the rooms. A drinks bar (coffee, espresso, mineral water, orange juice, tea and infusion selection) will be provided during break times, also in the common area outside of the rooms:

10:30 – 11:15 in the mornings
14:00 – 14:45 in the afternoons

Lunch will not be provided, but there are many dining options on EPFL’s campus:

EPFL Cafeterias

There are also two grocery stores and two take-away restaurants located in Les Arcades (in the STCC complex).

Swiss Tech Les Arcades

EPFL’s restaurant/cafeteria website will give you much more detail on the daily offerings across the campus (in French). You will be able to narrow down the choice of dishes by type of food, including vegetarian options, then locate the cafeteria using the large map provided above.


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