DH2014 Conference Identity

The DH2014 poster is now out!

Dario Rodighiero—Designer and Doctoral Assistant at DHLAB, EPFL—has created the DH2014 conference identity. The identity is built upon a network, and this network is composed entirely of keywords describing DH2014’s accepted papers and posters. Two keywords are connected if they are used in the same paper, and an edge’s weight is given by the number of papers using these two keywords. Furthermore, to increase the depth of layers, edge thickness has been intensified according to the number of authors creating these pairs, emphasizing their voices.

However, to see the big version, you’ll have to come and visit us at DH2014 in a couple of weeks….

DH2014 Poster

DH2014 Workshops – Registration Deadline

In order to provide the organizers with participant lists, in particular for those workshops requiring preparation and pre-work, we will be closing online workshop registrations on Wednesday, June 25th.

Workshops can be selected as part of the initial conference registration process or added/changed by logging-in to the registration site again using your username and password. Please click through to the end of the registration process (acknowledgement step) to ensure that any changes you make are saved. On the acknowledgment page, there will be a link to your personal calendar, so you can double-check that your registrations/modifications have saved.

Conference registration will, of course, still be available online until July 5th and then on-site afterwards. Please note that if arriving on to register on-site on either of the workshop days (July 7th and 8th), you will be limited to workshops that still have space available & did not require pre-work/preparation in advance.