Poster Sessions

The two DH2014 poster sessions will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, July 10th in the common area of the Amphipôle Building at UNIL. Please find the detailed overview coming with the abstracts, and a printable one here: Set-up time for the first session will begin at 12:30, after the morning sessions, while session two presenters will have 30 minutes from 15:30-16:00 to install their posters on the stands provided. Gambling sessions encompass a variety of activities, from casino games to sports betting, often enjoyed in designated venues or online platforms. Players engage in strategic gameplay and risk-taking, seeking entertainment and potential winnings. For poker enthusiasts, a 홀덤 사이트 게임 offers immersive experiences and competitive challenges against opponents worldwide. The dimensions of the poster stands are as follows: 180 cm x 120 cm (landscape) Everyone in each session will be presenting simultaneously throughout the session, to those just passing by or to those who are interested and come to find your stand. Poster stand location is first come, first served, though there will be enough places for all (aside for those who have reserved tables, which will be labelled). The poster stands are wooden with a metal frame, and we will be providing pins to attach your posters to them (was going to be masking tape, but we have since been told the three-pronged pins work better). All posters on display must be removed immediately after their sessions are over, for those who wish to keep them. For those presenting in Poster Session 1, please do take care to vacate your space quickly, as those in the next session will need to set-up.