Registration for Digital Humanities 2014 is open to everyone and will be possible thru the beginning of the conference in July. To ensure the best possible service, we have partnered with Lausanne Tourism to manage the registration process:

Via this page, you will be able to register for the DH 2014 conference and select any workshops you wish to attend. The deadline for online registration is July 5th. Should you wish to do so, there is also the option to register for the conference itself on-site upon your arrival.

Please note that hotel reservation via the online conference registration page has closed as of May 25th, so you will now have to book your accommodations directly with the hotels.

Our partners at Lausanne Tourism recommend using the following site to search for/book accommodations:

The city centre of Lausanne is connected to EPFL and UNIL via train and public transport, taking around 15 minutes. A low cost hotel for students is situated by the lake, around a ten minute walk from the campus, where dormitory style lodging starts at around CHF 50.00 per night (**depending on availability**).

The fee structure for the conference is as follows and applies to all participants, whether they are attending the whole week or just a day or two (not including accommodation and/or optional social events):

ADHO and affiliated organisations member (before April 14th, 2014) 300 CHF
ADHO and affiliated organisations member (after April 14th, 2014) 375 CHF
Non-member 550 CHF
ADHO and affiliated organisations student 100 CHF
Student non-member 225 CHF
Unil and EPFL member 150 CHF
Unil and EPFL student 80 CHF

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*** Please note, the registration system uses Datatrans with 3-D Secure to process payments, and some countries may not have adopted this standard. If you encounter a payment issue, please contact Lorraine Greuter at Lausanne Tourism, and she will assist inform you of our additional payment options: [email protected] ***

9 thoughts on “Registration

  1. What is the air route to Lausanne from India ( Kolkata, Delhi). Is the cost of hotel accomodation is included in the Registration Fee of 550 CHF? Kindly inform.

  2. Hi, could you tell me what exactly qualifies as a “Student non-member”? I’ve just started on
    my PhD – so would I still belong in that category?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Carmen,
      Very formally, a «student» or «PhD student» is somebody enrolled in an academic institution. On the website registration, a copy of your student card is required, at a certain step.
      Since you can enroll for 30 euros as ADHO member, your advantage is surely to become a student ADHO member, then to be enrolled to the confenrence.
      All the best,
      Claire Clivaz

  3. I am so pleased that I was given an opprtunity of reading a paper in DH 2014. So I would like to become an ADHO and affiliated organisations member before 31 March. I am a Japanese.
    I would be grateful if you could tell me which I should ask about this.

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