Reminder: DH2014 Fun Run

DH2014’s Fun Run is coming up tomorrow morning, rain or shine, and it will take you on a nice run lakeside and through some trails near UNIL’s campus. Our local DHLAB running leader Alicia will lead you out for about 45 minutes, at a pace of around nine km/h (7 to 8 km total)

If you wish to attend, please arrive at 06:45, as the group will leave precisely at 07:00. Locker room and shower facilities will be available from 06:45 and also after the run: Building SOS1 on UNIL’s campus:

Sports Centre UNIL


2 thoughts on “Reminder: DH2014 Fun Run

  1. Thanks for a great run – but you must work a bit on your rain. Those of you who ran at the DH 2012 in Hamburg will know that a REAL rain means being drenched after 300 meters…
    No, seriously: this was great and we even jumped into Lake Geneva at the end of it! Many thanks!

  2. Many thanks from me, too!

    But I must point out that both DH2012 and DH2014 Fun Runs were somewhat weak in the fun killer hills department. Those of you who fun-ran during DH2011 at Stanford will remember the super-fun way we made you run up and down all those super-fun steep hills in our fun summer heat.

    I mean, where’s the fun in running only on totally flat, forested trails around Lake Geneva, with a fog-enshrouded Evian in the background (or, likewise, around lovely Außenalster in Hamburg)? That’s basically just poetic strolling, not fun running — c’mon, friends, you’ll have to try a little harder if you want us to have real fun.

    But seriously: wow. Thanks.

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