#dh2014 proceedings published in DSH : 18 articles

All the #dh2014 editorial team is proud to announce the publication of 18 articles of DH2014 in Digital Scholarship in Humanities! Thank you a lot to Edward Van Outte for his support! We are proud to be the first DH meeting proceedings published in the renamed journal, Digital Scholarship in Humanities.

About other #dh2014 articles published  elsewhere: please announce yourself to [email protected]: the references will be transmitted to the Communication Commission of ADHO.

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It’s over!

Dear participants to the DH2014,

As local co-organizors of the DH2014, we express our huge gratitude to all of you for these wounderful days we have shared in Lausanne.

Thank you to Melissa Terras, our amazing PC Chair, and to ADHO and all the DH associations.

Thank you to Kevin Baumer for his uncredible involvement in this adventure, as well as to all our teams.

Thank you to our institutions, the University of Lausanne and the EPFL, that supported this event so much, as well as to all our sponsors and partners.

See you in Sydney 29 June – 3 July 2015: http://dh2015.org/

Claire Clivaz and Frédéric Kaplan

DH2014 Poster Sessions and Photo Booth

Poster Sessions

This afternoon is poster session afternoon at DH2014, with two sessions being held back-to-back. Pins are provided and have been attached to each stand. Tape is available for those who booked tables. All of the details can be found here.

Installation of the posters is first come, first served, so please select the stand that suits you best. May we please ask those presenting in poster session one to kindly leave the pins on the poster stands for those coming after you in session two.

Photo Booth

Business has been brisk at the photo booth, but we would still like to encourage you all to come and take part. The booth is located right near the poster session area (how convenient), so please feel welcome to stop by at any time. Some of the photos are already up on the site, should you want to take a look.



Reminder: DH2014 Fun Run

DH2014’s Fun Run is coming up tomorrow morning, rain or shine, and it will take you on a nice run lakeside and through some trails near UNIL’s campus. Our local DHLAB running leader Alicia will lead you out for about 45 minutes, at a pace of around nine km/h (7 to 8 km total)

If you wish to attend, please arrive at 06:45, as the group will leave precisely at 07:00. Locker room and shower facilities will be available from 06:45 and also after the run: Building SOS1 on UNIL’s campus:

Sports Centre UNIL


DH2014 – Travel and Location Change (EPFL to UNIL)

As many of you are already in Lausanne and have been attending workshops the last couple of days, the move to UNIL’s campus for the final three days of the conference is an easy on: one more stop on the Metro M1 from Renens Gare (or about a five minute walk down the road). The M1 stop for the Amphimax is called UNIL-Sorge. For everyone else, here are the details that should help guide your way.

1. Getting to Lausanne and to UNIL (Amphimax Building)

All of the information you will need to help guide you to the campus via public transportation can be found here. In addition, the exact schedule for Monday morning’s trains, including track numbers and detailed travel times, can be found by clicking here. Finding the registration desk at the Amphimax shouldn’t be too difficult. When leaving the metro, a parking lot and the Amphimax building will be right in front of you. Climb the stairs on the righthand side of the building (when you’re facing the lake), and you will find the entrance at the top.

2. Breaks and Lunches

During the final three days of DH2014 at the Amphimax and Amphipôle buildings, July 9th, 10th and 11th, drinks and snacks will be provided during between session breaks in the “coffee break area,” which will be shown on maps that you will receive. There will be one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Lunch will not be provided, but there are two main dining options for you:

The cafeteria in Amphimax (in French)

The cafeteria in Unithèque (in French)

The capacity of the Amphimax cafeteria is limited and will not be able to accommodate all conference participants. It is recommended that you proceed to Unithèque during your lunches, as it is only a five minute walk away and contains much more capacity and dining options.

Unithèque Layout


DH2014 – First Two Days – Travel and Food

As many of you will be arriving on campus both tomorrow and on Tuesday for workshops and meetings, we thought it best to put a couple of things front and center in this blog post:

1. Getting to Lausanne and to EPFL

All of the information you will need to help guide you to the campus via public transportation can be found here. In addition, the exact schedule for Monday morning’s trains, including track numbers and detailed travel times, can be found by clicking here.

Finding the registration desk at the Swiss Tech is extremely easy, as you will just need to enter via the large main entrance on the upper level (can’t miss it).

2. Breaks and Lunches

During the first two days at the Swiss Tech Convention Center (STCC), July 7th and 8th, a water station will be at your disposal throughout both days, located just outside the of the rooms. A drinks bar (coffee, espresso, mineral water, orange juice, tea and infusion selection) will be provided during break times, also in the common area outside of the rooms:

10:30 – 11:15 in the mornings
14:00 – 14:45 in the afternoons

Lunch will not be provided, but there are many dining options on EPFL’s campus:

EPFL Cafeterias

There are also two grocery stores and two take-away restaurants located in Les Arcades (in the STCC complex).

Swiss Tech Les Arcades

EPFL’s restaurant/cafeteria website will give you much more detail on the daily offerings across the campus (in French). You will be able to narrow down the choice of dishes by type of food, including vegetarian options, then locate the cafeteria using the large map provided above.