DH2014 will use two main venues throughout the week: the Swiss Tech Convention Center on EPFL’s campus and the Amphimax and Amphipôle buildings at UNIL. Public WiFi access is available throughout both campuses, in addition to eduroam service for those whose institutions support it. Please click on any of the images below for more information on those venues or expositions.

Swiss Tech Convention Center (STCC) at EPFL

Swiss Tech 2

The STCC will host the two days of workshops for DH2014, taking place on July 7th and 8th, and then the first part of the opening ceremony on the evening of 8th. You will notice on the small picture above the STCC on the left and a building on the right. The building on the right is “Les Arcades” and it contains various shops and restaurants that participants can visit during their breaks. There is a grocery store, pharmacy, two take-away restaurants, a sports bar and even a hair salon (just in case).

Amphimax and Amphipôle at UNIL

Amphimax 1


AmphimaxAmphipole 1









UNIL will host three days DH2014 sessions from July 9th to 11th. These will include panels, long paper sessions, short paper sessions, poster sessions and three large plenary lectures. There is a large cafeteria in the Amphimax, common seating areas inside and out for networking, and quick access to the rest of the campus. There will also be an enclosed “quiet” seating area for those who wish to read/work in peace.

Rolex Learning Center at EPFL



The Rolex Learning Center will be hosting the second part of the opening ceremony on July 8th, as well as the BookLab Exposition throughout the week:


©Myleen Hollero // Navigator, Michael Flückiger

Those attending the opening will be able to enjoy networking followed by a short artistic performance entitled “re-mapping the body.” Food will be served buffet style, to enjoy as you mingle and encounter both old and new friends.

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