All DH2014 pre-conference workshops will take place on July 7th and 8th, 2014 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center (STCC) on EPFL’s campus in Lausanne. An overview of the workshops taking place can be found here:

A water station will be at your disposal throughout both days, in the common area located just outside the of the rooms, and a drinks bar (coffee, espresso, mineral water, orange juice, tea and infusion selection) will be provided during break times:

10:30 – 11:15 in the mornings
14:00 – 14:45 in the afternoons

Lunch will not be provided, but there are many dining options on EPFL’s campus:

EPFL Cafeterias

There are also two grocery stores and two take-away restaurants located in Les Arcades (in the STCC complex).

Swiss Tech Les Arcades

EPFL’s restaurant/cafeteria website will provide you with much more detail on the daily offerings across the campus (in French).

More detailed information on each workshop, including a short description and the target audience, may be found by clicking on the links below:

Monday, July 7th
Hacking with the TEI (Full Day)
Introducing the EpiDoc Collaborative: TEI XML and tools for encoding classical source texts (Full Day)
Leveraging Web Archiving Tools for Digital Humanities Research and Digital Exhibition (Morning)
The Representation of Multiplicity as a Means to Digital Empowerment (Full Day)
Linked Data and Literature: Encoding the Facts in Fiction (Full Day)
Introduction to Text Analysis and Topic Modeling with R (Full Day)
Innovative Teaching Methods and Practices in Digital Humanities (Full Day)
Multilinguality in Historical Documents – Challenges and Solutions for Digital Humanities (Full Day)
Methods for Empowering Library Staff Through Digital Humanities Skills (Full Day)
Prosopography Workshop (Afternoon)
Using CLARIN for Digital Research (Afternoon)

Tuesday, July 8th
Curation, Management and Analysis of Highly Connected Data in the Humanities (Morning)
Introduction to Starting and Sustaining DH Centers (Morning)
A Collaborative, Indeterministic and Partly Automatized Approach to Text Annotation (Afternoon)
Ontologies for Prosopography: Who’s Who or, Who was Who? (Full Day)
Introduction to Electronic Books and Epub 3.0 (Full Day)
Annotation Studio: An Open Source, Collaborative Multimedia Online Note-Taking Tool for Humanities (Morning)
Sound and (Moving) Images in Focus (Full Day)
Sharing Digital Arts and Humanities Knowledge – DARIAH (Full Day)
Using the PressForward Plugin to Create and Maintain Web Publications (Morning)
Digital Cultural Empowerment (Morning)
What’s Your Method? Understanding Digital Scholarship Through Ontologies (Morning)
Building Bridges Between Lausanne and Leeds: Virtual Roundtable Discussion – Spatial Aspects in Mediaeval Texts and the Potential of the Digital Humanities (Afternoon)
Project Management and Sustainable Revenue Models in the Digital Humanities (Afternoon)
Kickstarting the GO::DH Minimal Computing Working Group (Morning)
GIS in the Digital Humanities: An Introductory Workshop (Afternoon)
Are We There Yet? Functionalities, Synergies and Pitfalls of Major Digital Humanities Infrastructures (Afternoon)
My Very Own Voyant: From Web to Desktop Application (Afternoon))